Author: Jono Luk

Date: September 23, 2020

Box & Webex: Providing Better-Together Experiences

By now I hope you’ve had a chance to see Chuck Robbins, Cisco CEO having a fireside chat with Aaron Levie, Box CEO, at BoxWorks Digital. Chuck and Aaron discussed a variety of topics, from some of the better-together experiences that Box and Webex are brewing up as well as the importance of Collaboration technology during our current global pandemic. As both Aaron and Chuck said – in this time of global uncertainty it’s important for us to do what we can to help the people that need it.

BoxWorks Digital and spakers including Chuck Robbins CEO Cisco

Back to the Office

Chuck and Aaron also acknowledged that while we are currently working under unprecedented circumstances, we must also prepare for when we can start going back into the office. They predict that most work environments will operate with a mix of employees in the office and at home going forward, so we need to bring technology platforms together to provide a seamless experience for all employees, regardless of where they are and how they work.

We were also excited to be a featured partner at the Box Partner Pavilion, where we had a chance to meet and chat with you as you wandered the virtual expo pavilion – something new I’m sure for most of us – and checked out the great stuff that Box partners have to offer! This was Box’s first fully virtual BoxWorks event, with record-breaking attendance attended by professionals across the Fortune 500, small and medium businesses, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and more.

Box and Cisco Partnership

If you recall, we first announced our partnership between Box and Cisco at our Cisco Live US Virtual Event in June. During that event, we gave you a quick demonstration of an integrated Box + Webex experience and some thoughts around why we were both excited to be working together. We’ve been working together since developing a joint innovation plan to delight our joint customers as we move forward.

Watch the video to see the experience in the unified app:


Collaboration From Within Box Using Webex

In particular, we’re excited to be working together to bring both Box and Webex customers the ability to:

  • Meet with your collaborators from within Box using Webex. Realtime document collaboration powered-up with real-time video collaboration.
  • Better integrating the Webex activity flow with Box – you should know when a document you have stored in Box has been shared in Webex so you can keep tabs on where and how it’s being used!
  • Want to share a document stored in Box in a meeting? No sweat. With the plans we have for building a 1st class document share experience, you and team will be able to point and click to share a document directly from Box while you’re in the middle of a meeting.

a team space opened up with a pointer on a document with the copy share link

Best-in-Class Experience

All of this work is aimed to make the lives of Box and Webex customers even better.  In a time when so many of us are so far apart on a regular basis, it’s more critical than ever that technology works to make life better. We believe that our partnership here is a great example of just a few ways in which that can be.

We encourage you to start using the Box for Webex integration today!

Used with permission from Cisco.