Date: April 22, 2020

Author: Raisa Trifanov

Cisco Collaboration Wins More TrustRadius Top Rated 2020 Awards 

You may remember our last TrustRadius Top Rated 2020 blog in March, announcing a few great distinctions from TrustRadius for Webex Meetings, Jabber, and Cisco Unified Communications Manager. Todayadditional TrustRadius Top Rated awards have been released, and more wins have come our way! We are thrilled to announce that Cisco Webex Teams and Jabber have both won TrustRadius Top Rated 2020 Awards in Collaboration. Jabber has been Top Rated in the Collaboration category for the last three years, while Cisco Webex Teams is receiving its first Top Rated award for the category.  

How Are These Awards Decided? 

TrustRadius issues Top Rated badges annually to products in the top–tier of their categories. To earn the award in a category, products must have had at least ten recent reviews, be present on the TrustMap, earned at least 1.5 percent of the traffic for the category, and have had a trScore of at least 7.5 out of 10. Cisco exceeded those expectations, with Webex Teams achieving an 8.2 rating and Jabber receiving an 8.3. 

What Are Our Verified Buyers Saying? 

To achieve these awards, you need to have trustworthy products, along with customers who believe the products meet their needs and are critical to enhancing their day to day workflowsOur customers have provided this feedback on the TrustRadius pages, showing how much of an impact Webex Teams and Jabber are making: 

It’s used day in and out to discuss, share and collaborate ideas/issues that need immediate attention, given the power that Cisco WebEx Teams provides in this dire need… Well suited for an organization that heavily collaborates intra-department, as this provides a swift and flexible solution that bridges the requirement of working together everywhere.” –Rik AragozaVisionsConnected 

“Webex Teams is the Best Business Collaboration Platform Around.” –Brian Munn, M.J. Electric, LLC     

Cisco Webex Teams is very well suited for collaboration in the company. You can easily deploy the app for every user. As there is open API you can integrate the solution with your backend to create spaces when a new GLPI ticket is created or a new customer is trying to contact you on your website.” –User at IT & Services Company 

“Jabber has been awesome; it was so easy to integrate with our existing Cisco Voice over Internet Protocol system. The user data for the phone works quickly as we connect it with Jabber. Once configured it is just a matter of assigning the license. The end-users love it as do I.” –Administrator at Higher Education Company 

It (Jabber) enables me to work remotely, just like I was in the office!” – Alicia Barevich, The Blake School 

“(Jabber is) really good if you are looking for a simple to use and easy to set up internal chat tool. I have used Slack in the past but felt it was over complicated. If you have a mid-sized team and emails and phone calls are jamming up your ability to make decisions fast, then this is exactly what you need.” –Account Manager at Hospital & Health Care Company 

What’s Next? 

As our business and communication landscapes continue to change, now more than ever, companies, industries, and individuals have a critical need for collaboration solutions that make business and life simpler and easier to manageWe are proud and grateful to receivthese accolades and customer reviews which signal that our Webex Teams and Jabber customers are getting the most out of our solutionsThank you to everyone who reviewed these collaboration platforms and helped us win this Top Rated 2020 award. We will continue to strive in creating more innovative collaboration solutions, to help our world stay connected and collaborative.  

Continue to stay safe and share your stories of #LifeonWebex. 

Used with permission from Cisco.