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Is Your Network Ready for Hybrid Learning?

Is Your Network Ready for Hybrid Learning

This year, students are learning online and through hybrid models in unparalleled numbers. The digital divide continues to grow wider and expose inequalities in our education system.
Now more than ever, students, teachers, and staff need schools to provide them with a reliable, robust teaching and learning experience that bridges the physical and virtual classroom. Communities need their public libraries to provide essential services that can help bridge the digital divide.

How can schools make the investments they need to face the future?

E-rate funding continues to be the foundation for helping schools and libraries make the transformation to digital.

September marks the beginning of a new five-year budget-cycle reset and $8 billion in Category 2 available E-rate funding. On a recent fireside chat with Funds for Learning CEO John Harrington, we discussed the success of the E-rate program in 2020.

What were the results? 

95% of schools have said “E-rate is vital to their organizations internet connectivity goals.”

School organizations can depend on E-rate funding every year according to 89% of schools and libraries surveyed.

The conversation shifted to E-rate Funding Year 21 – listen to this informative on-demand webinar with John Harrington to get these insights and learn about the new rules and regulations, including:

  • Applicants’ remaining budget and calculations
  • Equipment eligibility and rules
  • Funding year 2020 “Bridge Year” details
  • Expected filing window timeline
  • Best practices and how Cisco can help our customers

There has never been a more crucial time to modernize your wireless network infrastructure.

Used with permission from Cisco.