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New Webex Meetings Enhancements

new webex meeting enhancements

Enhancements for a Video-First Experience

It looks like working and learning from home are here to stay. Even when it’s safe to return to the office and school, we’re seeing some big benefits of hybrid work/school environments. So, Webex is working on ways to give you great video experiences especially when you can’t count on the high-speed corporate and school networks. Here are some of the things we have delivered in the past several months. You can also check them out in this e-book.

  • The network has gone to hell – If you’re experiencing 50% packet loss and your video is frozen or completely disappeared, then you’re not on Webex. With the latest improvements, our adaptive media resilience tools can cope with even the most challenging network environments before anyone even notices, so you’ll still deliver good quality video despite your network challenges.
  • Focusing on the object of interest – In poor network conditions, Webex will intelligently send the most important part of the video – “the region of interest” – you! Your face will look clearer with better coloring. Since your background is less interesting and likely not moving, Webex dedicates fewer network resources there and prioritizes the region of interest.
  • Webex in hi-fi  – Go ahead and play Mozart on your next Webex video call – just turn on Music Mode and experience the rich sound quality. Even audiophiles will be impressed.
  • Grid view not gridlock – Seeing 25 people on a video call in 5×5 grid view is cool … that is, until you have a bad connection. Then, faces pop in and out, which is distracting. Webex now dynamically adjusts grid view in low bandwidth conditions. Rather than flashing videos, the PIPs shut down in the least disruptive way and may reduce the number of video streams if network issues persist.
  • Dropping frames to maintain HD quality – Sometimes network conditions degrade just for a moment. But there’s no need for a few bumps in the road to downgrade video quality from 720p to 360pIf your network starts to stumble, Webex will reduce the frame rate while keeping image quality up. You will only drop to 360p if poor network conditions continue.

As we prepare for a hybrid approach to the way we work and learn, Webex will increasingly apply media intelligence to give you the best video and audio experience no matter how you connect to the call. We won’t let the network get in the way of a productive video call. So, go ahead: stream Netflix AND play Fortnite while you’re on Webex.

Used with permission from Cisco.