Cloud Services Provider

Managed Cloud Service Provider

Managed Cloud Service Provider

Cloud Services Provider

ASi Networks is a managed cloud service provider with a full suite of cloud solutions for managing your business’ infrastructure as effectively as possible.

Improve your business with our cloud-based services, including cloud-based business email hosting, web & video conferencing, file-sharing and synchronization services, and unified communications services.
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    Migration to Cloud Computing

    If your business isn’t yet on the cloud, ASi Networks can help you move your company’s data center and management capabilities out of legacy infrastructure or on-premises hardware.

    The cloud migration process is similar to moving equipment from a smaller office to a larger one. While it requires some degree of preparation, the result has numerous advantages: improved performance and flexibility, lower operating costs, and scalability.

    Performance & Flexibility

    One of the primary advantages of moving to the cloud is improving service performance and flexibility.

    Depending on your business, hosting the company’s data and services on a cloud-based server may put it closer to your customers than if they remained on legacy on-premises servers, resulting in decreased latency times.

    In practice, this translates into increased connection and service delivery speeds. Cloud-based services also make it simpler for users worldwide to access your hosted data and services, making it easier to expand into international territories and reach out to customers far away from the company’s home country.

    It also allows for greater employee flexibility, allowing your company to benefit from the advantages of remote work without loss of work capability.


    Computing Service

    Cost Efficiency

    When you move your data, services, and applications from internal servers to the cloud, your company no longer needs to maintain its own hardware and software like hosting services.

    Instead, all you need for business communication and data management is to subscribe to a provider’s relevant offerings under the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. Consequently, your company saves significant amounts of money you would have spent on IT operations, upgrades, and maintenance expenses.

    By letting a cloud computing service provider handle all your data center needs, you can devote your company’s budget towards what matters most to you: product research and development.



    One of the most well-known advantages of cloud computing is scalability. Using a cloud service provider’s systems allows you to scale your IT needs up or down depending on your current needs. Through the power of virtualization and virtual machines (VMs), cloud-based infrastructure offers unmatched adaptability to many essential computing infrastructure elements. This includes networking capabilities, data storage capacity, and processing power.

    For example, instead of spending significant amounts of time and money setting up new hardware locally, your IT staff can adjust the number of VMs and the processing power each delivers within a few clicks.

    Hosted Email Services

    One of the most convenient features a cloud service provider can provide you with is your company’s own hosted email service with the advantages of cloud computing.

    A cloud-based email service provides you with the same benefits as a standard business email system, including the possibility to use your website as your email address domain for branding.

    However, it comes with the advantages typical of cloud-based services, including:

    Hosted Email Services

    Instant remote access: Connect to your business email account as quickly as popular free services (e.g., Gmail or Microsoft Outlook) from any device you already own.

    Low cost: Maintaining dedicated hardware for email is costly and time-consuming. Moving it to the cloud is cheaper and faster.

    Cloud-based data recovery: If anything goes wrong, a cloud-based hosted email service features built-in redundancy features, allowing for automatic data backup and recovery if any messages or contacts are lost.

    Unified Communications

    Live Chat, Voice, Video Email, SMS, Fax

    Unified communications (UC) is the integration of your business’ communication capabilities, both instantaneous (e.g., live chat, voice, video) and non-instantaneous (e.g., email, SMS, fax), into a single platform and user interface.

    Most people worldwide already use the Web and cloud-based services for most of their communication needs. Moving your business UC to the cloud is the logical next step, allowing you to use all your business communication tools and applications from the devices you already own.

    If you use smartphones, tablets, laptops, or desktop PCs for business purposes, all you need is the corresponding application. There is no need for time-consuming onboarding and no downtime due to hardware and software deployment.

    Web & Video Conferencing

    Cloud-based web & video conferencing

    Cloud-based web & video conferencing tools are cloud-based applications allowing you and your team to hold live meetings using nothing but an internet connection and your existing devices’ integrated or connected microphones and cameras. Depending on your needs, these apps can be separated or integrated into your business UC.

    Cloud-based conferencing applications are the easiest audio and video communication tools available for businesses today because they offer maximum convenience.

    They eliminate the need for in-person boardrooms, investing in costly local technologies, or learning new applications; the only software required is a compatible web browser. These tools are crucial for businesses that rely on cooperation from users and employees located in different parts of the world.

    File Sharing & Synchronization

    FTP or Peer-to-Peer, Cloud Based

    If your business handles large amounts of files and data, you may greatly benefit from cloud-based file-sharing and file synchronization services. These services allow your employees

    If you are familiar with legacy business file-sharing services and protocols, such as FTP or peer-to-peer, cloud-based file-sharing services fulfill the same purposes. However, they offer many substantial advantages over these legacy solutions.

    For instance, unlike FTP servers, cloud-based file-sharing eliminates the need to maintain servers and proprietary software. As with other cloud-based services, your existing devices and a compatible application are the only required equipment.

    Cloud-based file synchronization services ensure that all files are available at any time to all authorized users, with live updating and refreshing. Additionally, cloud-based services use advanced data protection and encryption protocols, such as end-to-end and zero-knowledge, offering better data security than legacy solutions.

    ASi Networks, Trusted By Businesses Worldwide

    Managed IT services

    ASi Networks is a managed IT services company and cloud services provider for businesses of all types. We have over 20 years of experience providing the best and latest network solutions and management services to our customers.

    Our partnerships with trusted industry leaders, such as Cisco Systems, HP, IBM, and VMWare, allow us to give businesses of all sizes the security, convenience, and flexibility they need to be competitive and successful.