New security breaches are happening every day. It is vital for organizations to protect themselves against cyber attacks. 
By achieving the Advanced Security Architecture Specialization, Cisco recognizes that ASi Networks has achieved a high level of technical expertise related to Cisco security solutions.  This specialization also places ASi within a select group of Cisco security partners not reached by most IT partners.  
This specialization shows that we’ve taken the necessary steps to help our customers develop comprehensive network security solutions, ensuring that they have all the tools to mitigate risk and safeguard their IT infrastructures against new threats and hacking techniques.
Our training in security architecture enables us to give our customers more advanced solutions for their business needs, whether they’re small businesses or large enterprises.

We will prepare your business for all three phases of the attack continuum: before, during, and after.
We are able to design security solutions to prevent, identify, and remediate attacks.
We have the know-how to automatically identify and segregate traffic.
We have the right tools to meet our customer’s security needs.
Protect your valuable data and digital assets.
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