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Healthcare IT Service Provider

Hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities rely on modern technologies to provide the highest quality of patient care.

Maintaining electronic health records (EHR) has been standard industry practice since the passage of the 2009 HITECH Act.

Healthcare providers need reliable and securely managed IT systems to comply with regulations regarding patient health data.

An experienced healthcare IT service provider such as ASi Networks can help your caregiving facility with security, ease of management, and compliance.

Learn how our services can help you increase productivity, data security, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness.

    Complete Systems Management

    Our existing customers trust and rely on our team of IT experts to continuously monitor and manage their complex network and computer systems.  Our motto is to resolve issues before they have a chance to cause major outages or security breach incidents.

    Management services include hardware upgrades, software updates, and backbone maintenance regarding routers, cabling, and firewalls.

    This comprehensive IT solution for healthcare organizations helps protect your patient data and electronic health records (EHR) at all possible endpoints, streamlining your network and helping you comply with HIPAA security rules and frameworks.

    Threat Protection

    Navigating cybersecurity without assistance is a significant challenge. Keeping your equipment up-to-date and compliant with the latest standards is essential for cybersecurity. We’re here to help you protect medical records against data breaches and cyber-attacks.

    Cloud Services

    We have the required experience to help you build a comprehensive cybersecurity protocol and risk assessment plan, maximizing your data security while minimizing your risk exposure. Discover more about our cloud services offering.
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    Benefits of Managed HIT Services

    Trusting ASi Networks to manage your healthcare facility’s digital infrastructure has numerous, significant benefits. Here are the top five advantages you can expect.

    Significant cost savings

    Traditional in-house healthcare IT departments are costly to maintain. With an experienced healthcare IT service provider at your side, you do not need to hire and train dedicated IT staff.

    Robust network security

    As a managed IT services company with over 20 years of experience, we know our client’s security needs and requirements better than anyone else.

    Our personnel continuously receive security awareness training and can help you implement the latest security measures to protect your data.

    Our healthcare IT support services and security operations expand and contract according to your current needs.

    Data backup and disaster recovery

    According to FEMA, 25% of businesses do not reopen after a disaster. One of the biggest contributors to this phenomenon is the lack of a comprehensive data backup and continuity of operations plan (COOP).

    Our customers rely on us to help them create a robust IT COOP. Your business will be able to leverage the cloud and other industry-standard solutions to have a continuous data backup and disaster recovery (DR) plan that fits your needs. 

    NOC-based live help

    Small IT departments often suffer from knowledge gaps and scheduling restrictions that can leave you unprepared and unable to meet all your IT needs.

    ASi Networks’ engineers are available 24/7, 365 days a year through our centralized Network Operations Center (NOC).

    No matter the size of your company, you are always one phone call or email away from a fully-qualified IT helpdesk.

    Confidentiality: Defines the rules and processes that limit access to information and determine who is an authorized person and who isn’t.
    Integrity: Assures that the data protected remains consistent and accurate without experiencing unexpected changes or alterations.
    Availability: Ensures that the data protected remains accessible to authorized persons without disruption or inconvenience.

    Healthcare IT Services Provided

    ASi Networks can provide the following services for your healthcare organization:

    Electronic Health Records (EHR) Security

    Your data, including patient data and EHR, will be protected according to the CIA principle: confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

    Our systems ensure that protected electronic information is shielded against unauthorized access, usage, and disclosure, decreasing the risk of data breaches and minimizing potential damage if one does happen.

    cyber security patch management graphic Healthcare IT Services Provided

    HIPAA-compliant data storage

    We can help you migrate to HIPAA/HITECH Act-approved cloud data storage solution. Maintain your HIPAA compliance and protect patient data.

    HIPAA-Compliant Framework

    Stay compliant with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) recommendations to safeguard electronically-protected health information (EPHI).

    Security Policy Risk Assessment

    Fully-managed, HIPAA-compliant IT and cybersecurity services. Protect your data, network, endpoints, and devices.

    Remote worker support

    Modern remote work solutions to enable or increase your telemedicine capabilities, such as VoIP systems, virtual desktops, and unified communications.

    Healthcare Hardware Support

    Get help with assisting, troubleshooting, repairing, and replacing medical hardware and electronic equipment critical for healthcare operations.

    Executive Level IT Consultation

    C-suite IT consulting, including business planning, advising, IT guidance, and strategic assessment solutions.

    Get Top-Quality IT Service for Your Healthcare Organization

    For complete IT services for your healthcare company, work with ASi Networks. We understand the unique challenges you face in keeping patient data protected and your systems secure. We partner with physicians, clinicians, and community hospitals to provide complete IT solutions.

    Contact ASi Networks at (800) 251-1336 or to discuss your IT needs.